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Topic-relevant advanced training for employees in the fields of

  • engineering companies and planning agencies
  • associations
  • land consolidation
  • universities
  • civil engineering
  • housing development
  • traffic route engineering
  • administration

Overview of the Advanced Training Seminars

The pdf files of the conference proceedings 2001 – 2012 can be requested by e-mail.

The following conference proceedings are available for download in pdf format:

Advanced Training Seminars

18th Advanced Training Seminar 2018

Methodology of susceptibility analysis, return intervals of landslides, erosion of large landslide deposits, requirements for height work, long-term experience with rockfall devices, restructuring plan for renaturation of brown coal surface mining, construction contract 2018, GIS-Workshop

June 5 – 7 2018, Mainz

GIS-Workshop June 5: QGIS, SAGA-GIS, LIDAR-data, terrain modeling, engineering modeling

Field trip June 7: Activity of landslides, rock-face stabilisation in the Moselle valley

17th Advanced Training Seminar 2017

Modeling of debris flows, influence of root cohesion for the stability, forecast of heavy rainfall, practice: current rock-face stabilisations, engineers’ liability, GIS-Workshop

May 29 – 31 2017, Mainz

GIS-Workshop May 30: QGIS, SAG-GIS, LIDAR-data and terrain modeling

Field trip May 31: Current measures for the retention of rockfall and debris flow

16th Advanced Training Seminar 2016

Destabilisation of rock slope as a result of climate change, computer-aided field surveys, dimensioning and calculation of rockfall protection systems, stability problems of historical minig dumps, liability of a subsoil expert

June 8 – 9 2016, Mainz

Field trip June 9: Stability problems of historical mining dumps

15th Advanced Training Seminar 2015

Landslides, rockfall protection vs nature protection, databases / GIS-analyses, landslides in the Alpine region, rockfall protection under extreme conditions, legal questions and questions of liability

June 10 – 11 2015, Mainz

Field trip June 11: Phenomenology of landslides (Ferschweiler Plateau)

14th Advanced Training Seminar 2014

Creep movements, GIS-analyses, supporting structures (Geogitter), restructuring of a rock slide, field experiments, earthquakes ans landslides, legal questions and questions of liability

June 4 – 5 2014, Mainz

Field trip June 5: Rock-face stabilisation in the area of the Siegfried- and Drachenfelsens near Königswinter

13th Advanced Training Seminar 2013

Landslides: Historical development, risk assessment with GIS, procedure from road administration departments, protection of debris flow, extreme landslides, liefe of protection meshes, processing with insurance companies

June 12 – 13 2013, Mainz

Field trip June 13: Rock-face stabilisation in the Middle Rhine Valley

12th Advanced Training Seminar 2012

Landslides: Protection measurements, coastal erosions: question of law, landslide database, dry stone wall

May 23 – 24 2012, Mainz

Field trip May 24: Problems of stabilization

11th Advanced Training Seminar 2011

Landslides in western and south-western Germany: Rock slope, climate scenarios and landslides, inspection and warranty of slope stabilisations, FE-calculation methods for stability investigations, building in stable slopes

June 8 – 9 2011, Mainz

Field trip June 9: Rock-face stabilisation and geotechnical problems in the open-cast mining Weinheim

10th Advanced Training Seminar 2010

Landslides in western and south-western Germany: Landslides databases, climate modelling, climate scenarios and landslides, application of DIN 4084 (new), question of law by expertise missions, new erosion protection systems, explanation of ETAG 027

June 9 – 10 2010, Mainz

Field trip June 10: Landslide-affected slopes in Rhine-Hesse (Wissberg and Ober-Olm) and underground facilities in Oppenheim

9th Advanced Training Seminar 2009

Landslides in western and south-western Germany: Effectiveness of stabilisation measures, constructive stabilisation, road construction in landslide-prone bedrock, dimensioning and maintenance of protective systems

June 17 – 18 2009, Mainz

Field trip June 18: Limestone quarry Weisenau and the Autobahn A 60 construction site

8th Advanced Training Seminar 2008

Landslides in western and south-western Germany: Fundamentals of rock and soil anchoring, monitoring methods, elimination of erosion damage, near-surface landslides

June 11 – 12 2008, Mainz

Field trip June 12: Lower Franconia. Rehabilitation of a vineyard road near Alzenau-Michelbach, rock-face stabilisation in Miltenberg

7th Advanced Training Seminar 2007

Landslides in western and south-western Germany: hazard assessment,
cost-effectiveness, ecological aspects, life-time of stabilisation measures, legal aspects

June 13 – 14 2007, Mainz

Field trip June 14: The Eifel National Park. Stabilisation measures along the Urfttal Reservoir near Schleiden-Gemünd

6th Advanced Training Seminar 2006

Landslides in western and south-western Germany: Identification and exploration of unstable slopes and batters, planning and execution of protective measures

May 31 – June 1 2006, Mainz

Field trip June 1: Middle Rhine Valley. New slope stabilisation measures along the railroad tracks on the west bank of the Rhine between Assmannshausen and Lahnstein

5th Advanced Training Seminar 2005

Landslides in western and south-western Germany: Identification of unstable slopes, drainage measures, rock-fall protection, liability and responsibility

June 29 – 30 2005, Mainz

Field trip June 30: Southern Rhine-Hesse. Interdependence between geology and slope movements. Phenomenology of slope movements and stabilisation measures

4th Advanced Training Seminar 2004

Landslides in western and south-western Germany: Slope stability, climate effects, risk assessment and stabilisation

June 30 – July 1 2004, Mainz

Field trip July 1: Slope, batter and rock-face stabilisation in and around
Idar-Oberstein. Monitoring of a landslide slope along the Bingen-Saarbrücken railroad tracks near Kirn. A rockfall at Federal Road B41 near Idar-Oberstein

3rd Advanced Training Seminar 2003

Landslides in Rhineland-Palatinate – identification, exploration and rehabilitation – rock face stabilisation and refurbishment of retaining walls

June 2 – 3 2003, Mainz

Field trip June 3: Rock-face stabilisation measures near Treis-Karden (Mosel Valley), slope and batter stabilisation in Bad Kreuznach

2nd Advanced Training Seminar 2002

Landslides in Rhineland-Palatinate – Identification, exploration and rehabilitation

June 26 – 28 2002, Mainz

Field trip June 28: Landslides in Rhine-Hesse

1st Advanced Training Seminar 2001

Landslides in Rhineland.-Palatinate – identification, exploration and rehabilitation

March 7 – 9 2001, Mainz

Field trip March 9: Landslide-affected slopes in Rhine-Hesse