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Landslide Research Centre
at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

Events of the recent past – such as the spill of the Tyrolean highway with the cutting off of Vals from the outside world or the gigantic landslide on the California Pacific coast with blockage of the famous Highway No. 1 – illustrate the omnipresent endangerment of the natural phenomenon landslides.

In the sense of harm reduction, disaster preparedness and general awareness, the Landslide Research Center works in practical and interdisciplinary research and teaching in the field of slope and slope stability. Substantial economic damage and a growing threat – caused by man and the climate – initiate an urgent need for action in Germany, in the Alps and worldwide.

  • Interdisciplinary Research on Slope and Batter Movements, Related Damage Reduction and Risk Abatement
  • Development of Solutions for Rehabilitating and Stabilizing Landslide-Affected Slopes
  • Basic and Advanced Training