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Rockfall On Road

Rockfall; several 10.000 tons of rock and soil fell on the road, access road spilled up to 50 meters high, about 130 residents cut off from the outside world, evacuation of about 40 residents; Location: Vals, (Tirol),Austria

Landslide In Valley

Landslide with a cubature of about 4 million fell into the Bondasca Valley, 8 missing, evacuation of the place; Location: Bondo, (Graubünden), Switzerland

Landslide On Road And Village

Landslide with a cubature of 3 million, 140 deaths, overburden of a village and a road over a length of 2 km, damming of a river; Location: Sechuan, China


6 large landslides, 200 deaths; Location: Kalutara, Sri Lanka

Landslide On Pacific Coast

Landslide with a cubature of 500.000 m³, spill of the Highway no. 1 over 0.5 km in length, road closure over months; Location: Big Sur (Kalifornien), USA